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Vision Therapy

Optometric vision therapy corrects visual problems and teach visual skills that lasts a lifetime.  It help develop, improve and enhance people's visual performance.


Through Vision Therapy patients may overcome convergence

insufficiency, amblyopia, diplopia, ocular motor dysfunction,

and poor depth perception.


Prevents vision and eye problems from developing.

Develops the visual skills needed for success at school, work or in play.

Enhances functioning for tasks demanding sustained visual effort.

Remediates vision and eye problems which have already developed.

Vision: A Set of Abilities


Developing visual skills includes learning to use both eyes together effectively. Having both eyes move, align, fixate and focus as a team enhances your ability to interpret and understand the potential visual information that is available to you.

Vision therapy, usually combined with appropriate lenses, may remedy, improve or prevent any of these conditions in both children and adults.

What are Visual Skills?


The visual skills which can be developed and enhanced through vision therapy include:





•Maintaining Attention

•Focus Change

•Near Vision Acuity

•Depth Perception

•Distance Acuity

•Peripheral Vision



Visual Skills / Visual Stress


If a person's visual skills are not adequately developed, or a person fails to coordinate vision with other senses, vision problems may occur. With poor binocularity, for example, one eye may locate an object in one place while the other eye locates it in another. The confusing signals may result in:




•Double Vision


•Reduced Performance






Visual Performance


Vision therapy has also proven to be remarkably effective tool in helping people with learning-related visual problems. Many problems in learning to read and write are worsened by poorly developed visual skills.  

Dozens of experimental programs involving thousands of children and adults demonstrate that when visual skills are enhanced through vision therapy, learning is easier, reading levels rise, and in some cases, IQ scores have increased.