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What is Strabismus? a.k.a "Crossed Eyes" or "Lazy Eye"


Strabismus or a lazy eye refers to an eye that is misaligned. If it turns in it is called esotropia and if it turns out it is called exotropia. If there is vertical misalignment it is called hypertropia. A lazy eye is not to be confused with an eye that does not see well. That is referred to as amblyopia.

  Can eye muscle surgery be done if eyes have been misaligned for many years?"

Yes, this surgery can be done at any time and at any age. The surgery can also be repeated. However, the earlier this surgery is done in children, the more likley that the patient will develop depth perception.

Is more than one surgery necessary?


It is erroneosly believed that strabismus surgery in adults is only 50% successful and perhaps leads to constant double vision. This is indeed, incorrect. Although short-term double vision is necessary for acheiving long term ocular alignment, the slip-knot technique is 80% successful in straightening and improving eyesight in even the most challenging cases of strabismus.

Is the muscle surgery in adults purely cosmetic?


The treatment for adult strabismus is not only cosmetic. In addition, operating on adults with strabismus can improve depth perception, field of vision and eliminate double vision. Many patients also report improved communication with better eye-contact, enhanced self-esteem and better eye-hand coordination.

What is the recovery period?


The surgery is minimally painful and recovery time is anywhere from a few days for children to a couple of weeks for adults. Antibiotic eye-drops will be used for two weeks.

Do I have to stay overnight at the hospital?


No, it is an outpatient surgery. The patient goes home two hours after surgery.

How long do I stay off work or school?


If your work does not involve lifting heavy weights or is not in a dusty, dirty environment, usually one to two weeks is enough time for recovery.

Three to four weeks.

Approximately one to two hours after surgery we adjust the suture in the recovery room. The patient usually goes home soon afterwards.

How long does my eye stay red?


When do you adjust the suture?


Will I have double vision after the surgery?


Adult patients are more likely to have double vision after surgery. It may last anywhere from a couple of days to a month.

Will my eyes be patched after surgery?


Children undergoing strabismus surgery go home with no patches. Adults who have the adjustable suture will have one eye patched for twenty-four hours.

Why are both eyes operated on if only one is deviated?


Your eyes work together and symmetrical surgery is necessary for optimum visual function.